8MID98-4-90 - Motorized Iris Diaphragm

Motorized Iris Diaphragm
Smooth operation

Swift operation

Continuously adjustable light attenuator


Control via PC or manual controller

Adjustable inserts

Motorized Iris Diaphragm 8MID98-4-90 is designed around iris diaphragm 10IBS130-98-4-N/H. It is a customer inspired design and is manufactured on request. As an upgrade to 8MID98-4-90 we developed model 8MID70-130 which is available from stock and can accept various iris diaphragm sizes as listed on its webpage.

For driving motorized iris diaphragms we recommend using Standa stepper motor controllers. Controllers of other manufacturers can also be used.

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* Min aperture may vary due to tolerance stack up
Operation range* Ø5 - 98 mm
Stepper motor/gear90:1
Resolution, steps per mm570
Closing speed (min to max)11 sec
Stepper motor28
Iris Diaphragm used 10IBS130-98-4-N/H
Limit switch2, mechanical
Switch polaritypushed is closed
power supplyPS24-2.5-4
Ordering Information
Model Operating range
8MID98-4-90 Ø5 - 98 mm

Motorized Iris Diaphragm