8MRB240-152-59 - Large Motorized Rotation Stage

Large Motorized Rotation Stage
Clear aperture 152,4 mm (6")

High load capacity - up to 100 kg

Relatively compact & low-profile

High speed - up to 120 rpm

Models with motor on top or from bottom

Vacuum version available

This rotator is a perfect example of our personal approach with clients and custom design flexibility. The device was designed in cooperation with microchip manufacturing company for operations with silicon wafers. To provide more usability, we are offering two modifications:

8MRB240-152-59 - motor is mounted on top of the stage.
8MRB240-152-59D - motor is fixed to the bottom of the stage.

Belt drive1:10
Clear aperture152,4 mm (6")
Rotation range360° continuous
in full step10,8’
in 1/8 step81”
bi- directional15'
Maximum speed120 turn/min
Load capacity
axial100 kg
radial40 kg
torque60 Nm
Limit switch (home)optoelectronic
Motor connectorDB9(M)
Stepper motor5918

Weight5,1 kg
Optocoupler home
reference switch

Switch polaritypushed is closed
Ordering Information
Model Description
8MRB240-152-59 Motorized Rotation Stage
(stepper motor on top)
8MRB240-152-59-MEn2 Motorized Rotation Stage
with Encoder
(stepper motor on top)
8MRB240-152-59D Motorized Rotation Stage
(stepper motor from the bottom)
8MRB240-152-59D-MEn2 Motorized Rotation Stage
with Encoder
(stepper motor from the bottom)

Large Motorized Rotation Stage