8JXY-03 - Joystick

Easy plug in connection
High precision
Spring return to center position mechanism
Hall Effect sensor type
High Life cycles
Operating temperature -25°C up to +70°C
IP class is For Indoor usage
Deflection X/Y max. ±18°

Easy and ergonomic joystick 8JXY-03. Joystick developed for manual control of one or two-axis all Stepper motor equipped motorizes stages, which provide smooth motion with proportional joystick, and one step mode (programmable) motion with 4 buttons on top. Joystick suitable for Standa stepper motor controllers and parameters like: acceleration, deceleration and speed changing in time – can be programmed for your application and task. Proportional joystick’s knob made of nylon and very ergonomic, what in aggregate with wide joystick base provides usage stability and comfortability during work.

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8JXY-03 2-axis joystick