8NSC - Nano Stages Controller

Nano Stages Controller
Closed Loop Feedback
USB / RS-232C communication
Synchronization OUT
High Voltage Amplifier -5/150 V
NSpec Software

Electronic controller 8NSC is designed to control piezo positioners of 8NTS series.

8NSC controller models lineup

8NSC-1000 3 axis controller

8NSC-3061 9 axis controller

8NSC-3061 SPM controller contains 2-channel lock-in amplifier to provide resonant SPM techniques, for example non-contact SPM mode. Lock in amplifier includes high stable voltage generator based on digital frequency synthesizer. High speed data processing is implemented using programmable logic (FPGA). This allows to perform high quality lock-in detection up to 1.5 MHz band.

8NSC-3061 can control 9 piezo stages and up to 4 stepper motor translation stages with micro step option, for instance, for rough adjustment of scanning head (stage). Whereas 8NSC-1000 is able to control 3 piezo stages. 

Basic Nspec software, SDK for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android for Tablet PC.

8NSC-1000 schematic
8NSC-3061 schematic
CPU32 bit; RISC
PC interface USB 2.0
Other interfacesRS 232, RS 485, SYNC I/O
Voltage-10..150 V
Noise<5 ppm.
Bit (digital-analog converters)18 bit
Piezo control
   Number of channels max9
Stepper motor control
   Number of channels4
   Power supply24 V, 3 A
   Support microstepping modeup to 1/16 step
Lock-in amplifier
   Number of channels2
   Coefficient preamplifier1-100
   Voltage range±10 V
   Bit ADC16 bit
   Amplitude of the output voltage10 mV - 10 V
   Stability of the main oscillator<5 ppm
Piezo control
   Number of channels max3
Piezo Controller & Amplifier
   Number of channels1
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Nano Stages Controller