8MVT45-13 - Vertical Precision Motorized Stage: "Compact Z-Axis Positioner" New!

Vertical Precision Motorized Stage:
13 mm travel range

3.5 kg load capacity

40 x 50 mm footprint

10 mm/s maximum speed

Stepper motor driven

3 µm bi-directional repeatability

Direct stacking with linear and rotation stages

Motorized Vertical Translation Stages: 8MVT45-13-1, 8MVT70-13-1, 8MVT100-25-1

Real scale size comparison of vertical motorized translation stages with similar design produced by STANDA:
8MVT45-13-1, 8MVT70-13-1, 8MVT100-25-1.

Travel range13 mm
Resolution in full step5 µm
Resolution in 1/8 step0.625 µm
Bidirectional repeatability3 µm
Unidirectional repeatability1.5 µm
Parallelism to stage base (max)50 µm
Lift parallelism (max)15 µm
Absolute accuracy10 µm
Maximal speed10 mm/s
Limit switches2 Optocoupler
Switch polarityPushed is closed
Lead screw pitch1 mm
Load capacity3.5 kg
Stepper Motor20 SA
Recommended controllers8SMC5-USB
Recommended power supplyPS24-2.5-4
Cable length1.6 m
Base materialAluminum
FinishBlack anodized
Ambient temperature+5°…+50°C
Base plateOn request
Moving platform dimensions45x56 mm
Measurement systemMetric
Weight0.35 kg
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Vertical Precision Motorized Stage: "Compact Z-Axis Positioner"