8MVT25-6 - Miniature Vertical Motorized Translation Stage New!

Miniature Vertical Motorized Translation Stage
6 mm travel range (vertical)
0.5 mm/s max. speed
1/8 µm achievable resolution
0.5 kg load capacity
25x25 mm moving platform
Compact and lightweight


Model 8MVT25-6
Kinematics & Feedback information
 Travel Range, mm 6 (1/4")
 Resolution in Full Step, µm 1
 Resolution in 1/8 Step, µm 0.125
 Maximal Speed, mm/s 0.5
 Limits Switches Mechanical
(2 pcs on borders)
 Switch Polarity Pushed is Closed
Load & Transmission Information
 Lead Screw Pitch, mm 0.35
 Load Capacity (Centrally Placed)
  Horizontal, kg 0.5
  Vertical, kg -
 Stepper Motor F10
 Gearbox 16/1
 Wedge reduction rate 2:1
Material & Environment Conditions
 Housing Material Aluminum
 Housing Coating (Finish) Black Anodizing
 Environment Pressure Normal Atmosphere
(10-3 Torr on request)
 Housing Material Aluminum
Control, Communication and Cabling
 Recommended Controllers 8SMC5-USB series
 Recommended Power Supply PS12-3-4
 Cable Length, m 1.6 (other by request)
 Connector HDB15(M)
 Base plate 3BP8MT18E
 XY Configuration -
 Z Configuration -
Additional Details
 Dimensions of Moving Platform, mm 25x25 mm
 Measurement System Metric
 RoHS Compliant
 Weight, kg 0.15
Ordering Information
Model Description Price
8MVT25-6 Vertical Z-Axis Motorizred Micro Positioner € 697.00
3BP8MT18E Base Plate € 21.00

Miniature Vertical Motorized Translation Stage