8MRL80, 8MRLP80 - Compact Direct Drive Rotary Tables New!

Compact Direct Drive Rotary Tables
Travel range: ±360° (infinite)
Ultra high precision system with zero backlash
Resolution: up to <0.003 arcsec
Bidirectional repeatability: < ±1.50 arcsec (±0.60 arcsec RMS)
Accuracy: < ±3.00 arcsec
Clear aperture: 5mm
There is a special model with
dedicated pneumatic ER collet chuck
(diameter of 0.2 to 7 mm)

Direct drive torque motor technology allow user to reach highly dynamic motion featured with: high positioning accuracy, bi-directional repeatability, motion stability and low friction. Rotary stages 8MRL80 have clear aperture of 5mm while 8MRLP80 have dedicated pneumatic collet holder dedicated for ER11 collets. Within variety of acceptable diameters (0.2 to 7 mm) 8MRLP80 is perfect for high precision laser turning applications, like: laser cutting, scribing, marking, stent cutting etc.
Rotary non-contact optical encoder as a feedback system guarantees direct control of position with nanoradian resolution. Naturally aged aluminum alloy guaranties high temperature stability, lightweight of 8MRL80 stage and excellent long period kinematics without drift of its performance. Compact crossed roller bearing provide perfect resistance to load in vertical direction. Rotary Stage of series 8MRL80 can be prepared for clean rooms and vacuum up to 10-3 torr with minor changes.
Precision of stage are tested in near to real working conditions while Standa provides measurement reports in both: disassembled and assembled (tested as a system) conditions. Stages can be assembled to gimbal type configuration with outstanding axis intersection characteristic. Motion control of 8MRL80 series translation stages is available with Standa or ACS motion Controllers & Drivers.


Model 8MRL80-6
Kinematics & Feedback information
 Angular Range, deg 360
 Encoder Type Optical
 Encoder Model LEN3
 Encoder Resolution 1), deg 0.0000625
 Encoder Interface Differential RS422
 Internal Multiplier YES (optionally analog SIN/COS)
 Multiplication factor 200
 Encoder Grating Period, deg 0.05
 Reference Mark (Index) Yes
 Absolute Accuracy 2)
  Before Calibration, µrad / arcsec ±218 / ±45.00
  After Calibration, µrad / arcsec request
 Uni-Directional Repeatability, µrad / arcsec N/A
 Bi-Directional Repeatability (peak to peak) 2), µrad / arcsec ±7.30 / ±1.50
 Bi-Directional Repeatability (RMS) 2), µrad / arcsec ±2.90 / ±0.60
 Eccentricity 3), µm ±10.00
 Wobble 3), µrad / arcsec request 
 Maximum Velocity (no load, @600VDC) 4), deg/s <6200
 Maximum Acceleration (no load) 5), deg/s2 / kRPM/s2 108000 / 18
 Maximum torque (continuous)5), Nm <0.27
 Maximum torque (peak)5), Nm <0.39
 Limits Switches N/A
Load, Guiding & Transmission Information
 Design Type Torque Motor (Direct-Drive) Rotation Stage
 Linear Motor Model TM 65.17N
 Linear Motor Design Type Torque Motor
 Maximum Bus Voltage, VDC >600
 Load Capacity (Centrally Placed) 6)
  Horizontal, kg 15
  Vertical, kg 8
 Moving Mass 7), kg request
 Guiding System Crossed roller bearings
Material & Environment Conditions
 Housing Material Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
 Housing Coating (Finish) Black Anodizing
 Environment Pressure Normal Atmosphere
 Operating Temperature, °C +5…+30
Control, Communication and Cabling
 Recommended Controllers 8) ACS Products Line or 8SMC5-USB series
 Recommended Drivers 8) ACS Products Line or 8SMC5-USB series
 Recommended Power Supply 9) 2 phase / 3 phase source
 Recommended Communication Interface 11) EtherCAT / RS232 / USB / TCP-IP
 Cable Length, m 0,2 (other by request)
 Differential Outputs 10) On request
Accessories Information
 Ox, Oy Stack Through angle bracket
Additional Details
 Dimensions of Moving Platform Ø, mm 60
 Central Aperture Ø, mm 5
 Overall Stage Dimensions (D x H), mm 94 x 57,5(+4,5)
 Measurement System Metric
 RoHS Compliant
 Weight, kg request 

1) System can be delivered with standard analog SIN/COS encoder interface for personal interpolation or with integrated external interpolator (up to x200).  

2) Absolute accuracy & Bi-Directional Repeatability, Wobble measurements processed by 11D-ALI-COL electronic autocollimator. Stages can be assembled with additional precision Please contact Standa for more information.

3) Eccentricity is measured by Zygo Michelson interferometer.

4) Maximum Velocity is electrically limited by encoder and driver CUT-OF frequency (125kHz in analog interface; 50MHZ in RS422 digital interface); maximum velocity is also limited by bearing

5) Maximum Torque is limited by Drivers` Peak Current, Motors` Peak Current and External Load (inertia). Please contact Standa for explanation.

6) Load Capacity is limited by position of load and integrated guiding system. Please contact Standa for loading calculation.

7) Moving Mass is constant parameter of system which characterize m0 or inertia of unloaded system.

8) Recommended controllers & recommended drivers can be optimized for a certain application. Please contact Standa for recommendation.

9) Recommended power supply depends on required duty cycle and load. Please contact Standa for recommendation.

10) Differential Outputs are available in passive (buffered) or active (modulated) way with LCMv2.

11) Scalar Control can be implemented with USB/ TCP-IP / RS-232 communication interface; for vector control we recommend to use EtherCAT.

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Compact Direct Drive Rotary Tables