8MTLF300XY - XY Planar Linear Stage (Direct-Drive Motors, Mechanical Bearings) New!

XY Planar Linear Stage (Direct-Drive Motors, Mechanical Bearings)
300 x 300 mm travel range


Model 8MTLF300XY-2L-2U-4LEn1 8MTLF300XY-1L-2U-3LEn1 8MTLF300XY-2L-1U-3LEn1 8MTLF300XY-1L-1U-2LEn1
Kinematics & Feedback information
 Active Axes X, Y
 Travel Range, mm 300 x 300
 Encoder Type Optical
 Encoder Model LEN1
 Encoder Resolution, nm down to 0.3
 Encoder Interface 1Vpp or Differential RS422
 Internal Multiplier YES
 Multiplication factor 1) up to x65536
 Encoder Grating Period, µm 20
 Reference Mark (Index) Yes
 Absolute Accuracy 2)
  Before Calibration, µm ±6 ±8
  After Calibration, µm ±1 ±1.5
 Uni-Directional Repeatability, µm N/A
 Bi-Directional Repeatability (peak to peak) 2), µm ±0.25 ±0.5
 Bi-Directional Repeatability (RMS) 2), µm ±0.15 ±0.30
 Pitch 3), µrad / arcsec ±40 / ±7
 Yaw 3), µrad / arcsec ±40 / ±7
 Roll, µrad / arcsec ±25 / ±5 ±40 / ±7
 Maximum Velocity (with load 4kg) 4), mm/s <2000
 Maximum Acceleration (with load 4kg) 5), mm/s2 <30000
 Limits Switches Type (Safety) Hall Sensors
 Limit Switch Polarity (Safety) Pushed is closed
 Limit Switch Voltage, V 5…24
Load, Guiding & Transmission Information
 Design Type Real Gantry (MIMO) Planar-Gantry Hybrid Planar
 Linear Motor Model LM5
 Linear Motor Design Type Ironless BLDC motor
 Maximum Bus Voltage, VDC >300
 Quantity of Motors 4 3 2
 Load Capacity (Centrally Placed) 6)
  Horizontal, kg 30
  Vertical, kg N/A
 Moving Mass 7), kg
  X (bottom), kg TBD *
  Y (upper), kg TBD *
 Guiding System Recirculating linear rails and
carriages units with caged balls
Material & Environment Conditions
 Housing Material Aluminum Alloy
 Housing Coating (Finish) Black Anodizing
 Environment Pressure Normal Atmosphere
 Operating Temperature, °C 20±2
Control, Communication and Cabling
 Recommended Controllers 8) CMXA
 Recommended Drivers 8) CMXA / DUMXA
 Recommended Power Supply 9) 1 phase 220VAC ~ 50Hz
 Recommended Communication Interface 12) EtherCAT / RS232 / USB / TCP-IP
 Cable Length, m TBD * (optional, by request)
 Differential Outputs 10) On request
Accessories Information
 Base Plate for Mechanical Interface Granite is recomended
 Z Configuration Not available
(choose from other Standa stages series)
Additional Details
 Dimensions of Moving Platform (W x L), mm 520 x 610
 Overall Linear Stage Dimensions (W x L x H), mm 912 x 846 x 126.5
 Measurement System Metric / Imperial
 Orthogonality11), µrad / arcsec 24 / 5
 Protection Level Request Standa support
Aperture (W x L), mm 310 x310 (top platfrom, center placed)
 RoHS Compliant
 Weight, kg TBD * 

Specifications Notes

* - TBD - to be determined.

1) With x4 evaluation; system can be delivered with standard analog SIN/COS encoder interface for personal interpolation.

2) Absolute Accuracy & Bi-Directional Repeatability measurements are processed with Zygo ZMI 501 Michelson laser interferometer.

3) Pitch & Yaw measurements are processed with 11D-ALI-COL electronic autocollimator. Resolution of 11D-ALI-COL: 1 µrad. Environment error: 1 µrad.

4) Maximum Velocity is electrically limited by encoder and driver CUT-OF frequency; maximum velocity is also limited by guiding system.

5) Maximum Acceleration is limited by Drivers` Peak Current, Motors` Peak Current and External Load (inertia). Please contact Standa for explanation.

6) Load Capacity is limited by position of load and integrated guiding system. Please contact Standa support for loading calculation.

7) Moving Mass is constant parameter of system which characterize m0 or inertia of unloaded system. In real gantry system, final moving mass will depend on quantity of motors.

8) Recommended controllers & Recommended drivers can be optimized for a certain application. Please contact Standa support for recommendation.

9) Recommended power supply depends on required duty cycle and load. Please contact Standa support for recommendation.

10) Differential Outputs are available in passive (buffered) or active (modulated) way with LCMv2.

11) Stages can be optionally assembled with enhanced orthogonality (if required).

12) Scalar Control can be implemented with USB / TCP-IP / RS-232 communication iterface; for vector control we recommend to use EtherCAT.
Ordering Information
Model Description
8MTLF300XY-2L-2U-4LEn1 XY Positioning Stage: 4 Motors; Dual Gantry
8MTFL300XY-1L-2U-3LEn1 XY Positioning Stage: 3 Motors; X Gantry, Y Planar
8MTFL300XY-2L-1U-3LEn1 XY Positioning Stage: 3 Motors; X Planar; Y Gantry
8MTFL300XY-1L-1U-2LEn1 XY Positioning Stage: 2 Motors; XY Planar

XY Planar Linear Stage (Direct-Drive Motors, Mechanical Bearings)