8MR151 - Motorized Rotation Stages

Motorized Rotation Stages
Motorized Rotation Stages
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8MR151 are former 8MR150 series rotation stages with newly integrated opto limit switch for home position reference.

8MR151-30 - models made with hole through in the center of platform, 30 mm in diameter.
8MR151-1 - models made with socket for 1" optics in the center of the platform.
8MR151E - models made for imperial standards (thread and hole spacing).
8MR151...-MEn1 - models have feedback encoder mounted on them, more information here.

For vertical mounting angle brackets 2VP150, 2AB151-002 are available. Check 2AB151-001 as an example of the angle bracket for XY motorized rotation stage assembly.

Rotation range360°
in full step0,6 arcmin
in 1/8 step4.5 arcsec
Wobble0,6 arcmin
Rotation speed*50°/s
Eccentricity 10 µm
Load capacity:
Horizontal6,0 kg
Radial1,7 kg
Torque0,5 N/m
Motor cableintegrated
Length1.6 meters
wiring diagram
Stepper motor28
home switch

switch polarityPushed is open,
sensor schematic
Weight0,56 kg
Recommended controllers8SMC5-USB
Ordering Information
Model Aperture
8MR151-1 1" € 768.00
8MR151-1-MEn1 1" € 878.00
8MR151-30 30 mm € 791.00
8MR151-30-MEn1 30 mm € 879.00
8MR151E-1 1" € 872.00
8MR151E-1-MEn1 1" € 982.00
8MR151E-30 30 mm € 815.00
8MR151E-30-MEn1 30 mm € 925.00
2VP150 - € 32.00

Motorized Rotation Stages