3UTC-1 - Universal Fork Clamp

Universal Fork Clamp
For secure mounting of pedestals, rods, post holders

26 mm (1.02") long slot provides position flexibility

Fixes by M6 (1/4-20) standard cap screws
to an optical table or breadboard

Made of stainless steel

Compact & robust

Universal Stainless Steel Fork Clamp 3UTC-1 is designed for secure mounting of 3MP25 pedestals, 3PHB mounting posts or 2SR32 silent rods anywhere on an optical table or breadboard and should be fixed by standrad cap screws.
Clamping Fork creates three points of contact for stable fixation of an object to the surface and its 26 mm (1.02") slot provides displacement flexibility while choosing required fixation position relative to any single mounting hole on the table surface.

Mounting posts (3MP25, 2SR32) and post holder series 3PHB clamped by 3UTC universal fork clamp

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Universal Fork Clamp