3N - Fastening Nuts

Fastening Nuts

Fastening nuts 3N are designed to be used for fastening motorized actuators and manual adjustment screws through their threaded collars. They can also be used in other applications.

For example:

1) Fixing nuts 3N6X05 and 3N8X1 are available for fine adjustment screws with threaded collar: 3N6X05 for adjustment screw 9SH137 series. 3N8X1 for adjustment screw 9SH147 series. Thread of the screw nut collar matches the thread of the fastening nuts. The fastening nuts allow adjusting position of the screws at any depth in walls too thin for the 6 mm collar thread.

2) Fixing nuts 3N10X05 and 3N12X1 are used for fastening motorized actuators to manual optical mounts and translation stages (replacing manual adjustment screws) to transform them to motorized mounts and stages:
3N10X05 are used for optical mounts 8MBM21, 8MBM24 and translation stages 8MT184-13.
3N12X1 are used in mirror mounts 8MBM57 series.

PLEASE NOTE: Standa manual positioners are not directly upgradable to motorized positioners by simply replacing manual screw with motorized actuator. Additional modifications are required.

Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
3N10X05 6 € today
3N12X1 9.5 € today
3N6X05 5 € today
3N8X1 9 € today

Fastening Nuts