3TPH-13 - Translating Post Holder

Translating Post Holder
Fine post height adjustment within 13 mm without rotation
One rotation of adjustment ring adjusts height of post by 1 mm
High stability position locking
Material: Aluminium
Weight - 0.15 kg
Translation Post Holder

Translation Post Holder 3TPH-13 is used for height adjustment of components mounted on 12 mm posts 3MP or equivalent. Range of coarse height setting is 50 mm. After coarsely setting position, post is locked inside the 12 mm round bore with stable two-line contact using upper thumbscrew with hex socket. Precise height adjustment is then done by a handy knurled adjustment ring. One rotation of the ring moves the post up or down 1 mm to a total of 13 mm. Precise position can be locked using the lower thumbscrew.

M6 threaded hole in the base can be used for attaching directly to optical table, to other positioners or to magnetic bases 3CMB.

Usage of Translation Post Holder
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Translating Post Holder