4LM13-40 - Self-Centering Lens / Optics Mount

Self-Centering Lens / Optics Mount
Automatically centers and holds optics
from 6 to 40 mm

Easy insertion and removal of optics

Self-Centering Lens / Optics Mount 4LM13 reliably centers and securely holds round optics and cylindrical objects. This device is particularly valuable when lenses of different diameters are being used interchangeably, as repeated centering at constant height is necessary. The Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mount 4LM13 accommodates optics up to 40 mm and is oversized to provide easy finger access for inserting and remaining optics. When released the three arms grip the lens in deep grooved jaws, automatically centering the lens within the holder. The Self-Centering Lens/Optics Mount 4LM13 can mount on STANDA Posts for easy adjustment of vertical height and azimuthal angle.

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Self-Centering Lens / Optics Mount