4BC32, 4VC41 - Bar Clamp

Bar Clamp
Suitable for mounting on:
- Optical Mounts
- Optical Tables
- Translation Stages
- Rotation Stages
- etc...

Bar Clamp 4BC32 and V-Clamp 4VC41 are used for clamping of components directly to flats like a surface of an optical table or translation stage. The V-Clamp 4VC41 is used to hold round optical elements such as lenses. The Bar Clamp 4BC32 is used to hold prismatic elements like glass blocks, prisms, cells. Clamp adjustment range (maximal gap) is 59 mm. The Bar Clamp 4BC32 and V-Clamp 4VC41 can be mounted anywhere where M6 threaded holes are available.
Bar clamp 4BC41 V-clamp 4VC32

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4BC32 0.07 19 € today
4VC41 0.07 18 € today

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Bar Clamp