4LM42 - Adjustable Optics Mounts

Adjustable Optics Mounts
For lenses, mirrors, lasers - any round objects

2 models available with different holding diameters variability:
Ø6-40 mm and Ø12.7-50.8 mm

Lenses are easily removed and replaced

Accommodate any lens shape and thickness


An Adjustable Radius Optics Mount 4LM42 provide rigid support and assured orientation for round objects of virtually any thickness and length. Installing optics is easy: set the lower support rods at any desired radius, insert your element, and adjust the top rod downward for secure hold of the optics. Long objects can be held by two holders together with the Multiple Mounting Joist 2MJ63. The black anodized aluminium rings have M6 tapped hole for attachment to any STANDA Stage, Table or Support, including STANDA Mounting Posts 3MP. The Adjustable Radius Optics Mount 4LM42 has three black finished steel plungers and all of them are screw adjustable. This mount accepts lenses edge thickness of up to 6.5 mm.

Adjustable radius optics mount 4LM42

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4LM42-40 6-40 0.06 € 39.00 today
4LM42-2 12.7-50.8 0.07 € 49.00 today

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Adjustable Optics Mounts