5OM122T, 5OM122TE - Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation

Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation
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Mirror Mount of Side Regulation 5OM122T enables to greatly increase the thickness of optical elements as it has a convenient access to the regulation handles. L-shaped flat spring of original design renders the great stability of the mount's platform. Angular range is ±2.5° about each of two orthogonal axes. Precision screws with pitch of 0.25 mm render sensitivity of 3 arcsec. M4 tapped holes on the sides of the base allow a variety of mounting configurations, e.g. horizontal and vertical. The mount is produced from black anodized aluminium. L-shaped spring is produced from high quality stainless spring steel. Mirror Mount of Side Regulation 5OM122T. Eccentric mounting holes Ø6.2 for connecting cone allow handy replacement and adjustment of Adapters to required place.
Mirror Mount of Side Regulation 5OM122TE. This variant has no clear aperture. This makes it an ideal tilt platform. The clear of holes flat surface allows mounting or pasting mirrors on it.
Special Base Mounts 5OM122B allow 5OM122T to be mounted in different positions.5OM122T may be mounted as a tilt platform.

5OM122B1 and 5OM122B2

Miniature Clamp 5OM122A2

5OM122B1 allows mounting with extremely low profile. 5OM122B2 attaches to 5OM122T both immediately and through the intermediate accessories.

Platform Adapter 5OM122A5
Allows to turn optics to a convenient position.

Prism and Polarizing Cube Adapters 5OM100A4.
Connecting cone allows moving the adapter by hand and adjusting it to the required angle. Adapter allows working with two beams situated very closely. Stainless steel fixing screw clutches optics firmly. There are two models: 5OM100A4-13 (aperture 13 mm), and 5OM100A4-16 (aperture 16 mm).

Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation

Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation

Ideal if a Mount is used as a Tilt platform. Plastic clutching pad clamps elements up to Ø40 mm (1.5").

5OM122A1 may be attached to the platform of 5OM122T mount on any side. Optics rest on the two contact lines – the edges of the cut-off corner – and is firmly held in place by a stainless steel fixing screw. Frame doesn't obstruct the view. It allows working with two beams situated very closely. 5OM122A1-40 fixes thin optical elements Ø3040mm in diameter. 5OM122A1-25 fixes elements Ø20 to Ø25 (1") in diameter.

5OM122A3 Connecting cone facilitates adjustment of the adapter. The cut-off side clears the edge of the optics for working with a beam very closely situated to another beam. Optics is firmly clutched by a stainless steel fixing screw and rests against the two contact lines formed at the cut-off side. The adapter is suitable for optical elements Ø40-Ø50mm (2 inch) in diameter.

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Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
5OM122T 89 € today
5OM122TE 80 € today
5OM100A4-13 21 € today
5OM100A4-16 26 € today
5OM122A1-25 31 € today
5OM122A1-40 33 € 2-3 days
5OM122A2 15 € today
5OM122A3 17 € today
5OM122A5 12 € today
5OM122B1 26 € today
5OM122B2 9 € today

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Mirror Mounts of Side Regulation