5OM101T - Miniature Tilt / Rotation Optical Mount of Side Control

Miniature Tilt / Rotation Optical Mount of Side Control
Top one-side adjustment

6° range of tilt and in-plane rotation

Two-axis adjustment without distortion

Compact design for dense optical schemes

Stable design

Material: black anodized aluminium

Miniature Tilt / Rotation Optical Mount-Platform 5OM101T allows to tilt a component and to rotate it. To reduce the footprint and to ease access, both adjustment screws are placed on one side – the top – this saves space in schemes where units are placed densely. A flat spring preloads three main pieces of the mount that make it bend on two separate pivot axes. Mounts of other designs have a common pivot point for all adjustments. The design ensures that both adjustment movements are independent and do not cause mutual distortions. So the adjustment scheme is very close to an ideal kinematic model. Mounting surface with two M4 holes in the platform is on the same side with the adjustment screws. Base of the mount has an M4 hole for mounting to other positioners. The adjustment screws have a pitch of  0.25mm. They allow adjustment of tilt and in-plane rotation in the range of 6° (±3°). Each screw has a hex hole for a 3mm hex key.

Fine screw threadM4x0.25
Tilt range
Rotation range
Sensitivity10 arcsec
Ordering Information
Model Price
5OM101T € 109.00

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Miniature Tilt / Rotation Optical Mount of Side Control