5TLM - Y-Z Positioners (Lens, Pinholes, Objectives)

Y-Z Positioners (Lens, Pinholes, Objectives)
Travel range 3 mm
Fine adjustment screws with 0,25 mm pitch
The movable carriage could accept Ø25,4 optics up to 9mm thick
Alternatively, the movable carriage could be used to mount additional lens tubes

5TLM-1 Y-Z Positioner accepts Ø25.4 mm optics. Optics is stopped by a rest-flange inside the central aperture of the platform and is secured by a hex fixing screw with hard plastic tip. 5TLM-1 is ideal for microscope objectives, mounted pinholes, fiber optics chucks and diode lasers.

5TLM-1TH includes two plastic padding rings and a retaining ring M27x1 to fix optics. A tightening key 3K-25 for the retaining ring is available on request.

Fine screw threadM6x0.25
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5TLM-1 € 128.00 today
5TLM-1TH € 128.00 today

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Y-Z Positioners (Lens, Pinholes, Objectives)