5PHH50 - Polarizer Holder / Rotation Stage

Polarizer Holder / Rotation Stage
Apertures for Ø1" (25.4 mm) or 3" (76.2 mm) optics
Can be used as an optical mount and rotation stage
Accepts optics up to 9 mm thick
Continuous 360° rotation with 2° scale gradation
Roller bearings design
Material: black anodized aluminum

Base of 5PHH50 has beveled sides for fingers to rotate the platform by its knurled edge. You may transform a polarizer holder into a rotation stage. For this you'd need to order an insert platform 5PHH50-1A1 separately. To mount components on it the platform has a pattern of M4 holes and a central Ø7-to-M6 hole. If you need to fasten to the central hole a unit with M4 mounting hole, you can slip an M4 screw through this Ø7-to-M6 combined hole (see the drawing for 5PHH50-1).

This mount is also compatible with Ø25.0 mm optics.

Polarizer Holder 5PHH50-1 also could be used as a graduated rotator in combination with 5MBM24 or 5PH51-1 or other mounts as it shown in the picture.

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Ordering Information
Model Aperture Price Availability
5PHH50-1 1" (25.4 mm) € 86.00 today
5PHH50-1A1 - € 7.00 today
5PHH50-3 3" (76.2 mm) request request

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Polarizer Holder / Rotation Stage