5LAM124T - Large Aperture Optical Mount

Large Aperture Optical Mount
Original L-shaped flat spring
Hardened inserts under adjusters
Ideal for high-density optical schemes
Adjustment of both angles is controlled from a single side
Fine adjustments screws with 0.25mm pitch.
Travel range ± 2°

Precision Optical Mounts of Side Control enable to greatly increase thickness of optical elements as it has a convenient access to the adjustment handles. L-shaped flat spring of original design renders the great stability of a mount's platform. The spring performs two functions: work as a usual spring, and eliminate polarizing rotation of the platform. Angular range is ± 2° about each of two orthogonal axes. Precision screws with pitch of 0.25 mm render sensitivity of 10 arcsec.Three M4 tapped holes on the sides of the base and on its back allow a variety of mounting configurations, e.g. horizontal and vertical. Beamsplitters / optics mount is produced from black anodized aluminium. L-shaped spring is produced from high quality stainless spring steel.

The Large Aperture Optical Mount 5LAM124T on its platform has 31.8 mm aperture and three M4 mounting holes. It is designed for precise orthogonal adjustment of mirrors.

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Fine screw threadM6x0.25
Travel range± 2°
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Model Weight Price
5LAM124T 0.09 € 87.00

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Large Aperture Optical Mount