5TPH2-1 - Polarizer Rotation Translation Mount

Polarizer Rotation Translation Mount
For Ø1” optics by default,
adapters for smaller polarization optics available

Roller bearings design

Lockable rotating platform

Continuous 360° rotation with 2° scale gradation

Y-Z travel range ±2 mm

Fine adjustment screws with 0.25 mm thread pitch

2 reataining & 2 teflon rings for optics fixation included

Mounting M4 holes on 3 sides

Polarizer rotation translation mount accepts optics of 25,4 mm diameter or with additionally provided adapter can accommodate different polarization optics.  The rotation position (X axis) is indicated on 360° angular scale with a gradation of 2°. Two fine adjustment screws (0,25 thread pitch) provide smooth precision Y-Z optics translation in the range of  ±2 mm.

A retaining ring M27x1, two teflon rings and optics tightening key are included. The rotation platform has a removable rod that allows continuous 360° rotation without obscuring the aperture. This removable rod can be fitted into any of the four holes (10°, 100°, 290°, 280°) on the perimeter. Polarizer rotator position can be fixed by locking screw which could be fitted into three positions as well. Polarizer holder has M4 holes on the bottom,  butt-end, back wall and can be fitted in different mounting systems.

Rotation range360°
Scale gradation
Y-Z travel range±2 mm
Fine screw threadM6x0.25
Sensitivity1 µm
Optics accepted
Clear aperture23 mm
Weight0.27 kg
Ordering Information
Model Price
5TPH2-1 € 319.00

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Polarizer Rotation Translation Mount