5UFOM-40 - Flexure Optical Mirror Mount

Flexure Optical Mirror Mount
For Lab & Industry

Clear aperture Ø40 mm

Tip / Tilt range ±2°(absolutely independent axes)

Fine screws pitch - 100TPI (thread-matched)

Optics mounting through stainless steel adapters

"SMART"" adapters for optics diameters: 0.5", 20mm, 1", 1.5"
(sold separately)

Special base for high repeatability mounting available

Vacuum compatible versions available
The new Standa flexure optical mounts are introduced as rigid industry oriented mounts with excellent stiffness. The mounts are designed with superb long-term stability in mind and are a continuation of Standa's vast expertise in the field of precise mechanics. Ultra-fine hex key adjustment screws for high accuracy, particularly stiff springs for superior stability, a range of optical component diameters, slotted puck type mounting base for freedom and repeatability of positioning, vacuum compatible option - all of these features make 5UFOM-40 a brilliant choice for many demanding applications.

5UFOM-40 Optical Flexure Mount Adapters Range (for 0.5
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Accepts optics
through adapters

4AFS-2020 mm
Adjustment range
Sensitivity2 arcsec
Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
5UFOM-40 Flexure Optical Mount € 141.00 today
3BP-UFOM Base Plate € 42.00 today
5UFOM-40B 5UFOM-40 with 3BP-UFOM € 183.00 today
5AFS-1.5 1.5" Optics Adapter € 76.00 today
4AFS-1 1" Optics Adapter
(Fixed Mount)
€ 76.00 today
4AFS-20 20 mm Optics Adapter
(Fixed Mount)
€ 76.00 today
5AFS-0.5 0.5" Optics Adapter € 76.00 today

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Flexure Optical Mirror Mount