5F21-1 - Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount

Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount
Flip optics in and out of the experiment
Kinematic design
Precise and handy angular adjustment in two orthogonal planes
Stable vertical mounting
Made of black anodized aluminium, custom colors on request
5F21M-1 "Mirror" version

Use the Flipping Mount 5F21-1 to place optics in and out of the optical scheme. Flip the platform out and back again, and it sits on the driving screws in a repeated position. Precise alignment of various optical elements to desired angles is done by 2 driving screws. 3 seats form 3 kinematic points for definite position of the platform. These seats are of hardened steel – increasing the service life, as they are countering the hardened steel tips of driving screws and the flipping pivot balls. Mount 5F21-1 has a 1" mounting hole with Ø24mm clear aperture. A fixing screw secures the optics against 2 contact lines, which make 2 contact points. To prevent damage to the optics, the tip of the fixing screw is made of plastic. On one side the edge of the optics stays clear. So you can use the optics close to the edge in schemes where you work with a beam very closely situated to another beam. Fine Screws 9S127 or 9SH127 come as standard (one screw has its tip modified to form a kinematic point). Depending on which side you mount the unit, you flip the platform either vertically or horizontally. By flipping out vertically the optics goes beneath the common level of the optical scheme. Still one leg of the base, with a driving screw on it, stay up. Yet this wouldn't obstruct the optical path, as it wouldn't if the optics was flipped in. Legs protruding upwards ease your access to the driving screws, with less risk of obscuring the beam. No need to design the legs extended down, so as to clear the space totally, like in some flippers from other manufacturers. Material : aluminium. Finish : Black anodized (by default), or any other color on request.

Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount 5F21-1
Right hand symmetric "Mirror" version

Optics flipped out down

Unit mounted to flip optics aside

Slide M4 screws through combined M6/Ø7 mounting/clearance holes to mount the unit immediately to M4 holes, or mount the unit directly on any M6 tip.

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Fine screw threadM6x0.25
Optics diameter1"
Clear aperture24 mm
Repeatability 20 µrad
Adjustment range
Sensitivity 3 arcsec
Weight 0.09 kg
Ordering Information
Model Screws Price Availability
5F21-1 9S127 with knobs € 149.00 today
5F21-1-SH 9SH127 hex hole € 140.00 today
5F21M-1 mirror version 9S127 with knobs € 149.00 today
5F21M-1-SH mirror version 9SH127 hex hole € 140.00 today

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Flipping Mirror/Beamsplitter Mount