5MBM21-1 - Kinematic Mirror / Beamsplitter Mounts

Kinematic Mirror / Beamsplitter Mounts
Precise and handy adjustments,
those angular in two orthogonal planes, and linear
Stable vertical mounting
Made of black anodized aluminium
Available motorized version 8MBM21 (updating)
Available 2 inch version - 5MBM21-2

Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts 5MBM21-1 are designed for precise alignment of various optical elements to desired angular and linear orientation. Models with 2 or 3 screws are available (see ordering). The base of the mount has holes Ø8.7 mm for driving screws of your choice. As standard, we fit Fine Screws 9S127 or 9SH127. Each screw has a hardened steel ball tip. The mounts have a one-inch mounting hole with Ø24 mm clear aperture. 5MBM21-1 may be mounted on one side or another, e.g. to swap left/right hand side of access to the drive relative to the beam. It mounts to an M6 screw or directly to Mounting Posts on their M6 tips. Put an M4 screw through the combined Ø7/M6 hole to fasten the mount to units with M4 holes. Material: aluminium. Finish: black anodized (by default), or any other color on request.

(Drawing)* slide M4 screws through combined M6/Ø7.4 mounting/clearance holes to mount the unit immediately to M4 holes, or mount the unit directly on any M6 tip

Kinematic Mirror/Beamsplitter Mounts 5MBM21
Mount can be used with 3A-45D angular adapter

Used to fix mount at a 45o angle

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Fine screw threadM6x0.25
Adjustment range of 9° or ~5 mm
Sensitivity3 arcsec or ~1 µm
Weight0.09 kg
Ordering Information
Model Information Price Availability
5MBM21-1-2 2 screws € 72.00 today
5MBM21-1-2SH 2 hex screws € 65.00 today
5MBM21-1-3 3 screws € 83.00 today
5MBM21-1-3SH 3 hex screws € 80.00 today

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Kinematic Mirror / Beamsplitter Mounts