Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
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1HB - Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
Honeycomb Optical Breadboards
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Honeycomb Optical Breadboard
Core – 265 kg/m3 0.25 mm thick steel honeycomb
Top skin - 5 mm thick ferromagnetic stainless steel
Pattern of M6 holes spaced by 25 mm
Sealed mounting holes by default
Flatness ±0.1 mm/m2

Honeycomb Optical Breadboards 1HB provide a particularly effective way to expand the useful area of an optical table. The mounting surface has tapped M6 holes on 25 mm centers for permanent mounting of components. These baseplates use the same sandwich structure as our full size honeycomb table tops. The standard top skin is made of ferromagnetic steel. Thickness of the skin is 5 mm, depending on the dimensions of the table top.

Honeycomb Breadboards up to 0,5m2 have a grid of nine M6 tapped mounting holes in each corner of the bottom side. Larger Breadboards can have this grid by request. The 1HB can be mounted at the bottom side of a table or elevated above its surface using the Silent Rods 2SR.

These Breadboards are not intended as a substitute for optical tables. Their size-to-thickness ratio produces relatively low end-to-end rigidity, although their local rigidity over distances of less than about 30 to 60 cm is excellent. When attached solidly to a dynamically rigid optical table, performance of resulting working surface becomes comparable to that of the table itself.

Honeycomb breadboard examples Breadboard fixed to optical table Smallest standart breadboard
Our company produces Honeycomb Breadboards according to customers specifications. A breadboard may be mounted on a table by silent rods 2SR32 or 3MP25

As a sample you could see the smallest standard Honeycomb Breadboard 1HB03-03-04

Optical surface pattern Real Closed Top - no way for liquids or tiny particles to get in. Only the holes you do use are open. Make "new" holes by yourself, by pushing in the plug with the help of a screwdriver, a hex key or another thin hard tool. If you need to re-seal the no longer used holes, let us know and we will provide polyethylene plugs that fit snugly into the M6 holes. To clean the Standa "closed" tabletop, simply wipe the surface using a damp cloth (with cleaning agent if necessary). No need to clean each individual hole!

Get to know more about types of breadboards in 1 minute video.
Standa optical breadboard selection guide:

If imperial tapped holes pattern is required, choose breadboard from the table below and mention that requirement in your request.

Flatness±0.1 mm/m2
Top skin
Thickness5 mm
Materialferromagnetic stainless steel
PatternM6 holes spaced by 25 mm
(sealed by default)
Honeycomb Core
Density265 kg/m3
Material0.25 mm thick steel
Ordering Information
Model Size,
1HB03-03-025 300x300 25 2 weeks
1HB03-03-04 300x300 40 1 week
1HB03-06-025 300x600 25 2 weeks
1HB03-06-04 300x600 40 today
1HB03-06-05 300x600 50 today
1HB03-09-025 300x900 25 today
1HB03-09-04 300x900 40 today
1HB03-09-05 300x900 50 3 weeks
1HB03-12-04 300x1200 40 today
1HB03-12-05 300x1200 50 3 weeks
1HB03-18-04 300x1800 40 3-4 weeks
1HB03-18-05 300x1800 50 3-4 weeks
1HB04-12-025 400x1200 25 3 weeks
1HB04-12-04 400x1200 40 today
1HB04-12-05 400x1200 50 today
1HB044-044-04 440x440 40 today
1HB045-10-05 450x1000 50 3-4 weeks
1HB045-10-07 450x1000 70 3-4 weeks
1HB045-12-05 450x1200 50 today
1HB045-15-07 450x1500 70 3 weeks
1HB05-05-04 500x500 40 today
1HB05-05-05 500x500 50 today
1HB05-05-07 500x500 70 today
1HB05-06-04 500x600 40 3 weeks
1HB05-075-04 500x750 40 today
1HB05-075-05 500x750 50 today
1HB05-075-07 500x750 70 today
1HB05-10-04 500x1000 40 3 weeks
1HB05-10-05 500x1000 50 today
1HB05-10-07 500x1000 70 today
1HB06-06-04 600x600 40 3 weeks
1HB06-06-05 600x600 50 today
1HB06-06-07 600x600 70 today
1HB06-08-04 600x800 40 today
1HB06-08-05 600x800 50 today
1HB06-08-07 600x800 70 today
1HB06-09-04 600X900 40 today
1HB06-09-05 600X900 50 today
1HB06-09-07 600X900 70 today
1HB06-09-12 600X900 120 today
1HB06-10-07 600x1000 70 today
1HB06-10-12 600x1000 120 3 weeks
1HB06-12-04 600X1200 40 today
1HB06-12-05 600X1200 50 today
1HB06-12-07 600X1200 70 today
1HB06-12-12 600X1200 120 today
1HB06-15-05 600x1500 50 today
1HB06-15-07 600X1500 70 today
1HB06-15-12 600X1500 120 today
1HB06-18-07 600X1800 70 today
1HB06-18-12 600X1800 120 today
1HB06-24-07 600x2400 70 3-4 weeks
1HB06-24-12 600x2400 120 3-4 weeks
1HB07-16-05 700x1600 50 4 weeks
1HB075-075-07 750x750 70 4-5 weeks
1HB075-09-06 750x900 60 today
1HB075-09-12 750x900 120 today
1HB075-10-05 750x1000 50 today
1HB075-12-05 750x1200 50 today
1HB08-08-04 800x800 40 4 weeks
1HB08-08-05 800x800 50 today
1HB08-08-07 800x800 70 today
1HB08-08-12 800x800 120 today
1HB08-10-05 800x1000 50 today
1HB08-10-07 800x1000 70 today
1HB08-10-12 800x1000 120 today
1HB08-12-05 800x1200 50 today
1HB08-12-07 800x1200 70 today
1HB08-12-12 800x1200 120 today
1HB08-15-07 800x1500 70 today
1HB08-15-11 800x1500 110 5-6 weeks
1HB08-15-12 800x1500 120 today
1HB08-18-07 800x1800 70 today
1HB08-18-11 800x1800 110 4-5 weeks
1HB08-18-12 800x1800 120 today
1HB08-20-07 800x2000 70 today
1HB08-20-12 800x2000 120 today
1HB09-10-05 900x1000 50 3-4 weeks
1HB09-10-07 900x1000 70 today
1HB09-10-12 900x1000 120 today
1HB09-12-05 900x1200 50 today
1HB09-12-07 900x1200 70 today
1HB09-12-12 900x1200 120 today
1HB09-14-07 900x1400 70 today
1HB09-14-12 900x1400 120 4 weeks
1HB09-15-05 900x1500 50 today
1HB09-15-07 900x1500 70 today
1HB09-15-11 900x1500 110 today
1HB09-15-12 900x1500 120 today
1HB09-16-07 900x1600 70 4-5 weeks
1HB09-16-12 900x1600 120 today
1HB09-18-07 900x1800 70 today
1HB09-18-12 900x1800 120 today
1HB09-24-07 900x2400 70 today
1HB09-24-12 900x2400 120 2 weeks
1HB10-10-05 1000x1000 50 today
1HB10-10-07 1000x1000 70 today
1HB10-10-12 1000x1000 120 2 weeks
1HB10-12-07 1000x1200 70 4-5 weeks
1HB10-12-11 1000x1200 110 today
1HB10-12-12 1000x1200 120 1 week
1HB10-15-07 1000x1500 70 today
1HB10-15-11 1000x1500 110 today
1HB10-15-12 1000x1500 120 today
1HB10-18-07 1000x1800 70 today
1HB10-18-11 1000x1800 110 today
1HB10-18-12 1000x1800 120 today
1HB10-20-11 1000x2000 110 today
1HB10-20-12 1000x2000 120 today
1HB10-24-12 1000x2400 120 3-4 weeks
1HB12-12-07 1200x1200 70 today
1HB12-12-12 1200x1200 120 today
1HB12-15-11 1200x1500 110 5-6 weeks
1HB12-15-12 1200x1500 120 today
1HB12-18-12 1200x1800 120 today
1HB12-20-12 1200x2000 120 today
1HB12-24-11 1200x2400 110 today
1HB15-15-07 1500x1500 70 today
1HB15-15-12 1500x1500 120 3-4 weeks
1HB15-18-12 1500x1800 120 4-5 weeks
1HB15-20-12 1500x2000 120 today
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