1C - Optical Tables Connectors

Optical Tables Connectors
Optical Table Connectors
Link table tops together in various configurations

Easy assemblage

On request easily adapted to any Table Top

Optical Table Connectors 1C render quick and reliable way to link table tops together. The tables, being linked, usually have M6 tapped mounting holes on their tops and bottoms. The same holes are used for fastening to 1C. At minimal deflection the rigidity of the linkage is no more than 15 μm/m under 100 kg load placed on it. The universal optical table connectors are made of chemically pacified steel plates decorated with leather substitute. You are welcome to request custom systems.

Table connector modifications Table Connectors 1C
enable to connect most
optical table tops in any configuration:
T, L or I.

Table connector assembly

Each ordering code represents full set of connectors (4 units).
1CI-XXX - Optical Tables Connectors

Optical Tables Connectors Type 1CI-XXX
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Recommended for use with pneumatic vibration isolation systems

End-to-end, side-to-side or side-to-end connectivity

Individual assembly and testing of each system

STANDA optical table connector system 1CI-XXX allow users to connect two or more optical tables without compromising on rigidity or damping properties. Various combinations like ‘’T’’, ‘’U’’ or ‘’L’’ shaped table systems can be obtained using STANDA connecting system. The connecting system uses two 5 mm thick stainless steel plates attached to the top and bottom of holding area. This distributes the shear forces equally along the joined area (see drawing below). Once connected, the table system can be handled like monolithic structure.
Optical Tables Connectors Type 1CI-XXX
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Optical Tables Connectors Type 1CI-XXX
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Connected (with 1CI-XXX) Multiple Optical Tables System
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Optical Tables Connectors Type 1CI-XXX
Ordering Information
Model Tabletop
1CI 200 2.5
1CL 200 3.73
1CT 200 5
1CI-120 120
1CL-120 120
1CT-120 120
1CI-70 70
1CL-70 70
1CT-70 70
1CI-custom custom
1CL-custom custom
1CT-custom custom
1CI-XXX any
"request solution"

Optical Tables Connectors