1IS - Instrument Shelves

Instrument Shelves
Instrument Shelves
Can be positioned anywhere over the table
Does not affect vibration isolation
Adjustable shelf height
Sturdy metal frame supports heavy loads

Instrument Shelves 1IS provide convenient off-the-table mounting and storage for power supplies, controllers, oscilloscopes and other instruments. They are not connected with the table and does not affect vibration isolation. The height of shelves can be adjusted easily. The space saving shelf also allows wires and cables to be neatly routed away from critical setups.

Examples of codes for 1IS200*:
one A shelf
one B shelf
two A shelves
one A and one B shelves
two A and one B shelves
* - apply to drawings

Ordering Information
Model L,mm
1IS200 2050
1IS300 3050
1ISXXX any size

Instrument Shelves