1BS-2040-015 - Solid Steel Breadboard

Solid Steel Breadboard
Solid Steel Breadboard
Recently appeared possibility to order same breadboard
from stock made of black anodized aluminum.

Breadboard 1BS-2040-015 (former part number 1B82) is an alternative to the honeycomb table tops. It is particularly useful in small optical setups. 1BS-2040-015 is a steel plate, of one size. Finish is black chemically oxidized. The breadboard has grooves on all 4 sides, so you can quickly mount it using Table Clamps 3TC5 and 3TC6. On the corners there are 4 holes for M6 screws used to mount directly to tables or to fix at a certain height on Silent Rods 2SR32.

Solid steel breadboard mounted on optical table

1BS-2040-015 mounted on silent rods

Fastening with Table Clamps
Solid Aluminium breadboard plate on silent rods
1BAL-2040-015 mounted on 100 mm high silent rods

Get to know more about types of breadboards in 1 minute video. Standa optical breadboard selection guide:

1BS-2040-015±0.03 mm
(better by request)
1BAL-2040-015±0.15 mm
PatternM6 holes spaced by 25 mm
Length400 mm
Width200 mm
Thickness15 mm
Ordering Information
Model Material Weight,
Price Availability
1BS-2040-015 black finished
ferromagnetic steel
8.9 € 179.00 today
1BAL-2040-015 black anodized
3 € 204.00 today
1BS-2040-015SS Stainless Steel
request request request
1BS-2040-015SS-NM Non-Magnetic
Stainless Steel
requet request request
1BS-3030-015 black finished
ferromagnetic steel
request request request

Solid Steel Breadboard