1VIS22 - Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System

Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System
Vertical resonance frequency: 1.5 Hz (average load)

Horizontal resonance frequency: 1.7 Hz (average load)

Air source pressure: up to 600 KPa (6 bar) (87 PSI)

User manual (PDF, English)
User manual (PDF, Russian)

Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System 1VIS22 is an ideal foundation for equipment which is sensitive to vibration, e.g. microscopes, scales, interferometers, and similar devices. Work surface of the table is separated from the floor by means of a highly effective system of pneumatic supports, i.e. pneumatic springs with hydraulic (oil) dampers. The system features solid and light supports that come in various dimensions to support a wide range of table top sizes. This enables quick creation of vibration isolation systems for a variety of tasks.
Maximum load capacity of each support leg is 1000 kg.

Air compressor is required for operation. Working pressure of the system is 0.5–6 atm (bar). For air compressors please visit this page. In case you already have air supply which exceeds 6 Bar, please inform us and we will offer air pressure reductors.

P - required minimal pressure in atm (bar).
Q - load on one support leg (kg).

Please feel free to inquire for custom solutions based on 1VIS22. Example bellow
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Height of Vibration Isolation SystemH=400; 500; 600; 700mm
Vertical Movement Range14mm
Precision of automatic level control±0.3mm
Vertical Resonant Frequency1,5Hz (medium input)
Vertical Isolation at 5 Hz85-93%
Vertical Isolation at 10 Hz90-98%
Horizontal Resonant Frequency1,7Hz (medium input)
Horizontal Isolation at 5 Hz85-93%
Horizontal Isolation at 10 Hz90-97%
Air Supply Pressure600kPa (6Bar) (87PSI)
Air Supply ConnectionØ6mm
Operating Humidity (max)90%
Operating Temperature Range10-50°C
Minimal load per isolator90 kg
Load-bearing capacity (at 6 bar)1000kg per isolator
Ordering Information
Model Isolators Height,
1VIS22-60-4 4 600 today
1VIS22-70-4 4 700 today
1VIS22-custom 4 any height:
min.- 300
max.- 800
3-6 weeks

Pneumatic Vibration Isolation System