10CWA168 - Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator

Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
4 wheels, each containing 3 filters & 1 empty space
4 fixed positions per wheel
Non-parallel filters (inclined by 4°)
C-mount threads on both ends
Connecting adapters available
Stray light fully eliminated
Variable height of the optical axis
Three mounting holes
Motorised Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator
Motorized Variable Wheel Attenuator
Open Variable Wheel Attenuator

Close Variable Wheel Attenuator 10CWA168 is used when it is necessary to fully eliminate the side background lighting when using photodetectors with high sensitivity (e.g. CCD, photomultiplier, etc.). You may order standard connecting adapters 10A168 and 10R168 separately. Custom adapters are available. Loosen the central axis and rotate the whole body of the filter to set the desired position of an optical axis at a height between 36-71 mm. The base of the attenuator has M6 holes on 3 sides for mounting versatility.
Weight: 0.55 kg

10CWA168 with a CCD camera
Close Variable Wheel Attenuator 10CWA168 is ideally suited for use with CCD cameras. Adapters 10R168 and 10A168 are used for connection.

10BC68-1 mounted to 10CWA168 through an adapter tube 10AT168

Adapters 10AT168, 10A168 and 10RE168

Diameter NDF20 mm
Maximum thickness3 mm
Non-parallel filters(inclined by 4°)
Maximum deviation0.09 mm
Clear apertureØ18 mm
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Closed Variable Wheel Attenuator