10BE01 - Beam Expanders

Beam Expanders
Beam Expanders
Expansion ratio 2.5 X or 5 X

Lenses antireflection coated

Focusing range: 2 m to infinity

High energy laser beam expansion

Beam Expanders 10BE01 have two lenses and are focusable to minimal distance 2 m. In such type beam expander aberrations can be totally compensated only in one point. Depending on customer needs and application we can customize beam expander lenses to compensate aberrations in region of 2 m focus point or for infinity. Beam expanders could be customized for any wavelength from the range of 450-2000 nm. Please give us details of your application and ask for price!

These are: 10BE01-2.5X(ZYΘ) and 10BE01-5X(ZYΘ), 2AB7T173-10-7T173-10 angle bracket, 2CP10BE01-2.5X-2OM61-2 and 2CP7T173-10-5OM61-2 adapter plates, 3BP4-02 base plate, 3PH-50 post holder, 3MP-50 mounting post, 5OM61-2 optics mount, two 7T173-10 assembled into beam expander with positioning-tilt system.

Wave length532 nm (or custom)
Input aperture<12 mm
Exit aperture< 45 mm
Expansion ratio2.5 X or 5 X
Focusing range2 m to infinity
XY-positioning± 5 mm
Tilt angular range± 4.5 degrees
Beam Expanders
Housing Material

Black anodized aluminium
Ordering Information
Model Information
10BE01-2.5X 2.5X ratio beam expander
10BE01-2.5X(ZYΘ) 2.5X ratio and XY positioning-tilt system
10BE01-5X 5X ration beam expander
10BE01-5X(ZYΘ) 5X ratio and XY positioning-tilt system
10BE01-C custom beam expander design,
define needed specifications in request

Beam Expanders