10LBS - Laser Beam Steering

Laser Beam Steering
Laser Beam Steering
Precise azimuth control

Precise angles control

1" optics mounts

Stable and adjustable


These research and industrial grade periscope assemblies are useful tools for changing beam path direction and elevation. Laser Beam Steering uses the kinematic mount 5BM131E-1-2 to create the most stable and flexible system available. While 10LBS-03-200 allows same functionality on top and bottom optics holders, the 10LBS-04-200 comes with adjustable top while bottom is rigid and offers rotation only. Optics rest against two contact lines formed at the interface and are firmly held by a plastic securing screw. Adapter easily accommodates any 1" optics.

10LBS system lineup



Visit the www.standaphotonics.com to select the suitable mirror out of wide range that we offer there.
Usually our customers choose: 343-355 nm, 515 nm, 527-532 nm, 800 nm, 1030 nm, 1047-1064 nm, 1550 nm


Combination of laser shelf 1LS52 and laser port
equipped tabletop ready for laser beam routing

Periscope assembly combined with solid steel breadboard 1BS

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Optics diameterØ1" (Ø25.4 mm)
Minimum Optic Thickness4.5 mm
Angular Adjustment Range±4.5 °
Rotation360 °
Height adjustment
Ordering Information
Model Height, mm
10LBS-03-200 200
10LBS-04-200 200

Laser Beam Steering