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Mounted Iris Diaphragms
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In optics there are a lot of fields where accurate amount of light, precise projection, specific depth of focus and other requirements are necessary. For such areas the use of iris diaphragms is one of the best options. These applications are met in industry of optics, opto-electronics, laser and medical technology, lightening technology and other. Our iris diaphragms are made of high quality materials. Also, we use highest manufacturing standards. These points lead to reliability and durability of our products.

Our iris diaphragms consist of leaves and case. Leaves are made of hardened spring steel. Stainless chrome nickel steel can be used when better resistance to heat is necessary. The surface of leaves is polished and reducing the reflections. The edges of the leaves are rounded to achieve smooth operation. For increasing the slip of leaves an invisible coating is applied. Next, protection from corrosion is guaranteed by particular polishing process. Further, for producing the case, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy is used. Fine mat black look is achieved by black-anodizing the surface of the case.

Custom models
We have a wide variety of iris diaphragms that suit to different applications. Also, we introduce the series of fully closing iris diaphragms to meet the needs of all customers. Nevertheless, if you don’t find suitable model, we can make custom iris diaphragm. The changes can be made in dimensions, form; it can be adapted to high temperatures, adapted for special fastening or modified according to your other requests.

See diaphragms dimensions here.

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Ordering Information
Model Diaphragms Outer
10IBC-M-12-H 10IBC25-12-H 32.5
10IBC-M-12-N 10IBC25-12-N 32.5
10IBC-M-15-H 10IBC29-15-H 36.5
10IBC-M-15-N 10IBC29-15-N 36.5
10IBC-M-22-H 10IBC39-22-H 46
10IBC-M-22-N 10IBC39-22-N 46
10IBS-M-14-AR 10IBS22-14-1-AR 29.5
10IBS-M-14-N 10IBS22-14-1-N 29.5
10IBS-M-15-H 10IBS24-15-1-H 31
10IBS-M-15-N 10IBS24-15-1-N 31
10IBS-M-25-N 10IBS37-25-1.5-N 44
10IBS-M-34-AR 10IBS49-34-2-AR 56
10IBS-M-34-H 10IBS49-34-2-H 56
10IBS-M-36-N 10IBS50-36-2.5-N 57
10IBS-M-50-N 10IBS70-50-2.5-N 77
10IBS-M-8-N 10IBS14.8-8-1-N 23
10IBS-M-8.2-N 10IBS14-8.2-0.8-N 22
10IBV-M-14-N 10IBV22-14-1-N 29.5
10IBV-M-14-N-1 10IBV22-14-1-N-1 29.5
10IBV-M-18-N 10IBV31-18-1.5-N 38
10IBV-M-18-N-1 10IBV31-18-1.5-N-1 38
10IBV-M-30-N 10IBV48.5-30-1.2-N 55.5
10IBV-M-30-N-1 10IBV48.5-30-1.2-N-1 55.5
10IBV-M-50-N 10IBV70-50-2.5-N 77
10IBV-M-8-N 10IBV15-8-1-N 23
10IBV-M-8-N-1 10IBV15-8-1-N-1 23
10IBV-M-8.5-N 10IBV15.5-8.5-1-N 23

Mounted Iris Diaphragms