10FBS - Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter

Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter
Fast Switching time: <0.2 ms
High Power Threshold: up to 15 W
Controlled via RS232 interface

Ultra-Fast Motorized Laser Beam Shutter features unique design including ultra-fast Galvanomagnetic scanner that allows reaching shutting time bellow 0.2 ms. This design allows not only very fast switching times but also smooth and vibrations-free performance, which may be induced in mechanical motorized shutters.

Laser cutting
Laser surgery systems

Available customization:

Laser Power – depending on your laser beam please choose from few available models with different power threshold values. At the moment 5W and 15W models are available, which got slightly different housing frames.

Incidence Beam Aperture (IA) – depending on your needs please choose from 10mm IA model and another one with 30mm IA.

Wavelength – every single Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter is designed for some particular wavelength. Standard wavelengths vary from 354 nm of Nd:YAG lasers to 10.6 µm of deep infrared of CO2 lasers. When ordering please specify desired value from standard range: 355nm, 532nm, 800nm, 1064nm, 10600nm.

Model 10FBS-5-10 10FBS-5-30 10FBS-15-10 10FBS-15-30
Damage Threshold 5W 15W
Incidence beam Ø, max 10 mm 30 mm 10 mm 30 mm
Laser energy rate up to 0.3 mkJ in 10 ps pulses @1064nm
Wavelength 355, 532, 800, 1064, 10600 nm
Laser beam polarization independent
Switching frequency range 0-100 Hz
Switching time (closed-opend) >0.2 ms/1 ms
Typical switching time (opened-opened) >0.5 ms/2 ms
Control via RS232 port, TTL signal Yes
Control from external (0-5V) generator Yes
Manual control Yes
Manual switching Yes
Shutter position indication LED red-"opened", green-“closed”
Shutter dimensions 185 x 40 x 60 mm
Electronic box 252 x 145 x 74 mm
Electrical power consumption 100/220 V, 30 W

Custom models are available in further discussion. Feel free to ask for any custom wavelength of your needs. Such additional add-on as cooling system enables to reach possible damage threshold of around 100W. Models for vacuum are also available.Please give us details of your application and ask for price!

System includes: Motorised Shutter, Controller, Power supply, Cables

Code example:
10FBS-5-30@532 – 5W damage threshold, 30mm IA, 532nm design wavelength;
10FBS-15-10@800 – 15W damage threshold, 10mm IA, 800nm design wavelength;

Ordering Information
Model Information Wavelength, nm
10FBS-15-10@10600 15W/10mm IA 10600
10FBS-15-10@1064 15W/10mm IA 1064
10FBS-15-10@355 15W/10mm IA 355
10FBS-15-10@532 15W/10mm IA 532
10FBS-15-10@800 15W/10mm IA 800
10FBS-15-30@10600 15W/30mm IA 10600
10FBS-15-30@1064 15W/30mm IA 1064
10FBS-15-30@355 15W/30mm IA 355
10FBS-15-30@532 15W/30mm IA 532
10FBS-15-30@800 15W/30mm IA 800
10FBS-5-10@10600 5W/10mm IA 10600
10FBS-5-10@1064 5W/10mm IA 1064
10FBS-5-10@355 5W/10mm IA 355
10FBS-5-10@532 5W/10mm IA 532
10FBS-5-10@800 5W/10mm IA 800
10FBS-5-30@10600 5W/30mm IA 10600
10FBS-5-30@1064 5W/30mm IA 1064
10FBS-5-30@355 5W/30mm IA 355
10FBS-5-30@532 5W/30mm IA 532
10FBS-5-30@800 5W/30mm IA 800

Ultra-Fast Motorised Laser Beam Shutter