10MVAA - Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator

Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator
High initial transmission (T0 ≤ 0.85) at the range from UV to MIR"
Free of beam distortion and depolarization
Extremely low output beam deviation
For CW and pulsed (>10ps) lasers
For wide spectral range emission flux variation
High-precision and accuracy control of emission flux/power
Damage threshold >300MW/cm2
Fast response

Motorized Variable Achromatic Attenuator 10MVAA is designed to control emission flux of lasers and incoherent monochromatic sources -both in broadband spectral (200÷2400 nm) and large dynamic range (>60dB) of attenuation. Automatic control together with compact and robust design enables easy implementation of attenuation unit into complex optical and spectroscopic systems.

•    CW and pulsed laser (>10ps) precision emission flux/power control
•    Tunable lasers / optical convertors/ incoherent emission sources spectrum flatting
•    Dynamical band-passing of super continuum
•    PLE spectroscopy
•    Photo-ESR spectroscopy
•    PV devises inspection and testing, PV materials investigation
•    Laser media and non-linear optical materials testing
•    Photo-DLTS
•    Material processing

Fig. 1. Attenuation curve for 532 nm laser emission

Fig.2. Attenuation curves versus emission wavelength

Spectral band pass (nm)200-2000 / 500-2400 nm
(optionally - up to 17000 nm)
Initial transmission (T0)not less 0.85
Full attenuation (for linear
polarized emission), dB

> 60
Beam deviation, µrad<1.3
Attenuation accuracy (ΔP/P)<10-4
Clear apertureØ12 mm
Weight1,2 kg
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Motorized Variable Laser Attenuator