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STANDA P.BOX 2684 , 03001 Vilnius 9 P.O., Lithuania
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E-mail: sales@standa.LT
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Optical Slits:
Crossed entrance slit SXM-1 (adjustable pinhole)
Micrometer-driven with opening width adjustable from 7µm to 2000µm (diagonal of the square aperture) or from 5 µm to 1414 µm (side of the square aperture). Microscrew reading accuracy +/- 1 µm Step 0.125 µm.

Non-magnetic crossed slit SXM-2
(non-magnetic adjustable pinhole) The slit is composed of non-magnetic materials, tested in magnetic field not less than 1.5 T; other features are the same as for the model SXM-1.
Standard input slit S0

Standard output slit S1

Standard slits for M266 & M833 are micrometer and motor-driven. MSA-130 contains micrometer-driven slits.
- width adjustable from 0 to 2 mm,
- height 12 mm
- parallelism +/- 1 um
- micrometer reading accuracy +/- 1um
- adjustment step 0.5 um
- accuracy +/- 10 um
Crossed slit SX (adjustable pinhole)
Micrometer-driven from 7um to 2000um (square diagonal) or from 5um to 1414um (square side), step 0. 5 um, micrometer reading accuracy +/- 1 um
Crossed slits of M266 & M833 are micrometer and motor-driven
Filter wheel FW
Serves for spectral orders separation. Motor-driven, 8-position, contains 4 standard filters (18mm aperture) for 180nm-1620nm spectral range.
Detector adapters for M266/M833:

Detector adapter for M266

Detector adapter for M833
Detector adapter DA
Detector adapter for monochromator/spectrograph M266 ensures precise axial alignment (detector focusing).

In addition to axial alignment /focusing possibilities detector adapter for M833 allows the user to adjust tilt of the detector plane for obtaining the best line quality in the wide spectral range.
Wide-range condenser PS-2 (unit for light collection in a wide spectral range).
Designed for collecting light from a sample within a wide spectral range and its effective transmission into an optical fiber or onto an entrance slit of a spectral device. Consists of two achromatic UV-transparent objectives.
Spectral range: 200nm-2000nm
Light collection angle: 22°
Front\back flange focal distance 38.5 mm
Entrance\exit aperture ratio F# 1:3
Wide-aperture condenser PS-3 (wide-aperture light collection unit)
Designed for collecting light from a sample within a wide aperture angle and its further transmission into an optical fiber or onto an entrance slit of a spectral device. Consists of a meniscus and two achromatic objectives.
Spectral range preferable 400nm-1000nm
Spectral range acceptable 400nm-1700nm
Light collection angle 37°
Front focal length 29.5 mm
Entrance aperture ratio F# 1.5
Back focal length 100 mm
Exit aperture ratio F# 3.3
Aperture Matching Systems:
Aperture Matching Adapter AFA
Designed to match apertures of an optical fiber and a monochromator in order to reduce stray light and optimize light throughput. Is mounted on the entrance slit of the M266, M833, and MSA-130 monochromators or on the Filter Wheel. Contains two achromatic objectives and SMA-905 connector. Provides axial alignment of the fiber end and adjustment of the distance between objectives, which allows adjusting output aperture ratio F# within the range from 1:3.5 to 1:8.
Light Collecting & Fiber Coupling Systems:
Achromatic fiber adapter FA-1
Contains a two-lens achromatic objective (diameter 15mm, focal length 44.5mm)
Spectral range: 190nm-2000nm
Aperture ratio F# 1:3
3D alignment.
SMA-905 connector
Achromatic fiber adapter FA-2
Contains a two-lens achromatic objective (diameter 15mm, focal length 44.5mm).
Spectral range: 190nm-2000nm
Aperture ratio F# 1:3
Axial alignment.
SMA-905 connector
Diffuse attenuator FA-3
Contains two diffuse UV-silica substrates & SMA-905 connector. Axial adjustment of the fiber end relative to dispersing elements.
Spectral range: 190nm-2000nm
Diffuse attenuator FA-3 is included into the standard set of supply of the wide-range Wavelength Meter SHR.
Cassegrain objective CT Contains a focusing mirror system, UV FS protective glass (BaF2 for IR-version), SMA-905 connector.
Spectral range 190 nm - 2 µm (400 nm - 8 µm for IR version)
Focal length 285 mm
Aperture ratio F# 1 : 4.4
Focusing range: ∞ . . . 3.5 m
Linear field in image space 10 mm
81mm diameter, 165mm length.
CT objective can be connected directly to the entrance slit of the М266, М833, MSA-130 monochromators.
Spectral Line Observer:
Achromatic lens SIGHT is mounted onto the exit slit & intended for visual observation of spectral line position relative to the center of the exit slit.
Spectral range: 200nm-2000nm

The Sight is included into the standard set of supply of the MSA-130 monochromator. The Sight is recommended for use with the M266, M833 in case of operation in the monochromator mode (with the exit slit, without an array detector). When the instrument is operated in the spectrograph mode (with an array detector, without the exit slit) the Sight is not used.
Optical Fibers
FUV for 190 nm-1250 nm,
FWF for 300 nm-2500 nm.
Diameter 0,6 mm or 0,4 mm, length 1 m (standard), 2 m, 3 m and 5 m. SMA-905 connector.
Standard 1m-optical fiber is included into the complete set of spectrometer S100.

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