Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
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S100 - Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
Compact Wide-Range Spectrometer
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Extremely wide spectral range covered with one device
High resolution & compact design
No external power requirements
Friendly interface compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

S100 is a basic wide-range spectrometer that is hard to manage without in any scientific lab, at the educational process, and even in field conditions.

Use of original concave diffraction grating makes the S100 a unique device which allows concurrently get high-resolution of 1 nm within extremely wide spectral range – from 190 to 1100 nm.

Spectrometer S100 is extremely easy and convenient in use: it is calibrated by the manufacturer, does not contain any movable elements, is controlled and powered from the computer via Full-Speed USB interface. Analyzed light is input either through a quartz optical fiber or directly hit the input slit. Upon your request the S100 may be supplied with a filter separating high spectrum orders.
Model S100-3648 S100-2048 S100-1024
Grating, l/mm (average) 300
Reciprocal dispersion (average), nm/mm 38.28
F/Number 6
Focal length, mm 99
Spectral range, nm 190-1100 200-1100 200-1050
Spectral resolution (average), nm 1.0 1.5 2.0
LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR TCD 1304AP, 3648 pixels, size 8µm x 0.2 mm TCD 1205D, 2048 pixels, size 14µm x 0.2 mm S8378-1012, 1024 pixels, size 25µm x 0.5 mm
Min. exposure time, msec 7.3 4.1 2.0
Max. exposure time, sec1) 0.5 4.0 5.0
Max. S/N for 1 scan 400 : 1 400 : 1 1000 : 1
Antiblooming2) no yes yes
Dynamic range 900 : 1 1000 : 1 3500 : 1
Photo sensitivity, V/luxsec3) 160 80 22 (HS), 4.4 (LS)
Readout noise, ADC counts3) 18 14 16 (HS), 4.4 (LS)
ADC resolution 14 bit, 16384 counts
Synchronization internal, external
Computer interface Full-Speed USB
Optical input UV Optical Fiber dia 0.6 (0.4)mm, 1m long SMA-905 connector
Dimensions, weight 66 x 86 x 146 mm, 750 g
1) max. exposure time is the time when the dark signal reaches 10% of the dynamic range at +250С ambient.
2) antiblooming is a sensor feature eliminating charge overflow from exposed pixels to surrounding pixels.
3) the S8378-512Q linear image sensor provides possibility of control over sensitivity mode: high (HS) or low (LS).

Mercury spectrum acquired with the S100-3648

Linear image sensors TCD 1304AP and TCD 1205D of Toshiba installed in the S100-3648 and S100-2048 feature high sensitivity; large quantity of relatively narrow sensor pixels ensures high resolution and precise wavelength detection. However, when recording wide-band spectra with the S100-3648 and S100-2048, spectrum modulation is observed (see below an incandescent lamp spectrum acquired with the S100-3648), thus limiting to some extent their application in spectrometry. The software allows the user to enter correction of recorded signal intensity in a selected spectral range. The manufacturer does not perform the intensity correction.

Linear image sensor S8378-1024 installed in the S100-1024 provides excellent linearity, wide dynamic range and complete absence of spectrum modulation (see an incandescent lamp spectrum recorded with the S100-1024). However, it is characterized by relatively lower sensitivity and due to a wider pixel slightly loses in sense of resolution to devices based on Toshiba arrays.

Incandescent lamp spectrum acquired with the S100-1024

Incandescent lamp spectrum acquired with the S100-1024

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