M150 - Multi-Purpose Compact Monochromator-Spectrograph

Multi-Purpose Compact Monochromator-Spectrograph
Fluorescence and Raman Spectroscopy
As a Spectral Selection Device for Use with a Streak-Camera
Multichannel Spectroscopy
Measurements of Absorption, Reflection and Transmittance from UV to IR Range


•   Extremely high aperture ratio (F=1:3.6) allows using the М150 for the widest range of routine purposes, including investigations of fluorescence, reflection and transmittance in the wide spectral range from UV to IR, analysis of light sources, multi-channel spectroscopy and other applications
•   Low stray light, due to high quality of the optical bench and careful engineering of the instrument housing, provides optimum signal-to-noise ratio
•   Three diffraction gratings mounted on the automated turret cover a wide spectral range with the use of just one compact device
•   Both output ports of the М150 have fully functional 30х10mm flat field and allow connecting either two exit slits or an exit slit and a multi-channel detector, or two detectors simultaneously, at your choice.
•   High degree of the М150 automation normally involves scanning and change of Diffraction Gratings, change of order-separating Filters, adjustment of Entrance slit width and control of the Shutter for automated background subtraction. Exit slits are micrometer-driven. Output port selection is made by the manual Port Switcher located at the upper cover of the instrument
•   Both exit slits of the М150 are equipped with precision mechanisms for slit focusing
•   Detector adapters provide possibility of convenient axial alignment (focusing) of the detector
•   The IMAGING Version (Optional) features a cylindrical folding mirror ensuring astigmatism compensation for the both output ports
•   The InstrumentManipulator software arranges automated control over the M150. The SSPLine software provides detector control and allows to sew spectra obtained by several diffraction grating scans in order to get a panoramic spectrum. A lot of possibilities of mathematical spectra processing and analysis (intensity calibration, automatic search and analysis of peaks, spectra calculator, axonometric spectrum, etc.) are also provided
•   DLL program modules and\or LabVIEW drivers are supplied free-of-charge at your request in the M150 set of supply; they help to arrange the instrument control within the general control program of your instrumentation system

Each model requires Input slit S0 & either Output slits S1 or detectors with detector adapter DA. Please refer to this page for more information about these items.

Regarding specifications and recommendations for choosing a diffraction grating please refer to Datasheet file on this page.
Ordering Information
Model Details
M150-I Housing with standard optics & one grating of choice
M150-II Housing with standard optics & two gratings of choice
M150-III Housing with standard optics & three gratings of choice

Multi-Purpose Compact Monochromator-Spectrograph