S90-IR - Compact IR-Spectrometer

Compact IR-Spectrometer
High-sensitivity non-cooled InGaAs detector
Compact monolithic case ensures stability of parameters
Diffraction grating, spectral range and resolution are chosen at the time of order placing
User-friendly interface compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, 32/64 bits

The compact high-sensitivity spectrometer S90-IR contains a non-cooled linear InGaAs image sensor, and is recommended for any spectroscopic applications in the NIR spectrum range such as fluorescence, reflection, transmittance, photometric measurements and other research which do not require long-time signal storage.
The high-aperture optical scheme of the S90-IR has no moving parts.
The S90-IR case is monolithic and ensures long-time stability of parameters.
The S90-IR spectrometer is easy and convenient to use: it is calibrated by the manufacturer, is controlled and powered from the PC via Full-Speed USB interface.
Light input with the use of quartz optical fiber provides flexibility of instrumentation arrangement. The spectrometer has the entrance slit of fixed width and may be used without optical fiber.

Spectral curve of sensitivity of the InGaAs linear image sensor, G9204-512D model

Regarding specifications and recommendations for choosing a diffraction grating please refer to Datasheet file on this page.
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S90-IR G9204-512D included

Compact IR-Spectrometer