7R150 - Rotation Stage

Rotation Stage
Continuous rotation

Very compact design

No need to use extra adapter plate

Version for vacuum

Motorized version

The main advantage of this precision rotation stage is that it has very compact dimensions and low-profile together with the great aperture in the middle. This rotation stage has two modifications with different apertures: M27x1 or 30 mm. 7R150 doesn't need additional adapter plate to be mounted on any surface as it has 3 M6 holes on bottom. Click here for mini rotation stage which has even more compact design.

Rotation range360°
Gear ratio180:1
Sensitivity0.4 arcmin
Reading accuracy2 acrmin
Resoliution2 arcmin
Wobble0,6 arcmin
Eccentricity10 µm
Load capacity:
Horizontal8,0 kg
Radial1,7 kg
Weight0,55 kg
Ordering Information
Model Aperture Price Availability
7R150-1 metric M27x1 € 417.00 today
7R150-30 metric 30 mm € 417.00 today
7R150E-1 imperial M27x1 € 417.00 2-3 days
7R150E-30 imperial 30 mm € 417.00 2-3 days

Rotation Stage