7R170-190 - Rotary Stage

Rotary Stage
Manual Rotary stage
Ø190mm platform
Ø88.9mm clear aperture
360° rotation
10° fine adjustment
Metric or imperial models available
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Vacuum version

Rotary stage of Big Platform 7R170-190 is used to rotate manually large optical and other components through continuous 360° with accuracy of 1°, and finely to adjust them within 10° by a micrometer, with accuracy of 0.5arcmin. The stage has 88.9 mm clear aperture. The platform of the stage has a pattern of M6 and M4 mounting holes for components.

Rotary Stage
7R170V-190 Compatible with 10-6 Torr vacuum.
Rotation range
Reading accuracy0.5arcmin
Load capacity
Horizontal60 kg
FinishBlack anodized
Weight3 kg
Ordering Information
Model Description Price Availability
7R170-190 Metric Black anodized
rotary stage
790.00 € today
7R170E-190 Imperial Black anodized
rotary stage
790.00 € 1 week
7R170V-190 Metric Vacuum compatible
rotary stage
request 1 week
7R170EV-190 Imperial Vacuum compatible
rotary stage
request 2 weeks

Rotary Stage