7T68-25 - Stable Aluminium Translation Stages

Stable Aluminium Translation Stages
Solid box design
25 mm travel range
Large mounting surface
Easily stacked in X-Y configuration
Variety of mounting holes and options
Right hand version 7T68-25TM available
Similar design Stable Steel Translation Stage (vacuum version option)

Stable Aluminium Translation Stages 7T68 have large mounting surface, great travel range for this relatively small size, low profile and increased stability of precision. Box designed reinforces the stage, reducing flex. The platform is preloaded by springs. The stage could be stacked immediately to other units or to their own type (e.g. in X-Y configuration). Z-axis is attached through angle bracket 2AB67-25-AL. The stage could be used upside-down. For immediate attachment the base has 2 clearance holes for M6 screws. Similarly, the platform has 4 clearance holes for M4 screws. Slip the screws from top or under through the across holes in a platform/base. Micrometers 9S75M-25 comes as standard.

7T68-25 XYZ 3 axis translation system.

Travel range25 mm
Sensitivity1 µm
Reading accuracy10 µm
Angular deviation<200 µRad
Tracking accuracy2 µm
Load capacity:
Horizontal20 kg
Vertical5 kg
Materialblack anodized aluminium
Ordering Information
Model Type Price Availability
7T68-25 Standart stage € 255.00 today
7T68-25T Side driven stage € 263.00 today
7T68-25TM side driven right handed € 263.00 today
7T68-25XYZ 3 axis translation system € 821.00 1-2 days

Stable Aluminium Translation Stages