7T173-10T, 7T173-20T - Side Control Linear Stage

Side Control Linear Stage
Side Control Linear Stage
10, 20 mm travel range
Driving micrometer screw
Precise ball bearings
Compact XYZ configuration with all screws from one side
Right Hand 7T173TM and Left Hand 7T173T versions are available
Vacuum compatible linear stages versions available

Side control linear translation stages 7T173-10T(M), 7T173-10T(M)  are equipped with 9S75M series micrometer screws and provide convenient control in limited space setups. Left-hand (7T173-10T, 7T173-20T ) and right-hand (7T173-10TM, 7T173-20TM) versions are available. These stages can be used in multi-axis combinations and are compatible with 7T173 series stages. In dense optical schemes with limited access to multi-axis stages you have a possibility to control all three axes from one side.

Side Control Linear Stage
Travel range
7T173-1010 mm
7T173-2020 mm
Sensitivity1 µm
Tracking accuracy2 µm
Reading accuracy5 µm (1/2 division)
Load capacity:
Horizontal10 kg
Vertical5 kg
7T173-100.18 kg
7T173-200.23 kg
Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
7T173-10T € 314.00 today
7T173-10TM € 314.00 today
7T173-20T € 328.00 today
7T173-20TM € 337.00 today

Side Control Linear Stage