7TLF1 - Linear Flexure Translation Stage

Linear Flexure Translation Stage
Ultra smooth precision manual movement

High linearity of motion

High stability

Can be motorized.

The 7TLF1 linear flexure translation stages provide ultra smooth translation for optical assemblies and other components. These stages guarantee linearity of motion over the whole travel range. High stability and smoothness of translation of the stages is ideal for applications in interferometry, biomedicine, microscopy and other nanoprecision adjustment.

Extremely low friction. Stackable for X-Y-Z configurations. Available options include linear flexure stage equipped with stepper motor actuator, DC motor actuator and piezo actuator.

Travel range5 mm
Sensitivity with micrometer screw1 µm
Sensitivity with differential screw0.1 µm
Tracking accuracy2 µm
Reading accuracy10 µm
Load capacity1 kg
Weight0.4 kg
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Linear Flexure Translation Stage