7T164-10T - Manual Linear Stages of Side Control

Manual Linear Stages of Side Control
10mm travel range

High precision ultra low-profile manual linear stage

Driven by micrometer screw (installed)

Precise ball bearings

Monolithic XY ultra low-profile one side control model

Compact XYZ configuration with all micrometers from one side

Side Control Manual Linear Stages. The height of single axis translation stage is 10.5 mm. To match the low height of the stage Thin Micrometers 9S55-10 with small knob diameter (13 mm) are used as driving screws. Although the stages look very light and thin, they are precise and reliable.

Travel range 10 mm
Sensitivity 1 μm
Tracking accuracy 2 μm
Reading accuracy 5 μm
(½ division)
Load capacity:
Horizontal 6 kg
Vertical 3 kg
Weight: 0.15 kg
Ordering Information
Model Price Availability
7T164-10T Single-axis € 219.00 today
7T264-10T XY monolithic € 478.00

Manual Linear Stages of Side Control