7T25-10 - Dovetail Linear Translation Stage

Dovetail Linear Translation Stage
Compact design
Robust Dovetail Mechanism
Lockable Moving Platform
Rapid, Smooth Positioning
XY Miniature Dovetail Stages

The Dovetail Translation Stage is miniature, ideal for use in applications where space is limited. The design uses a precision M4x0.25mm pitch lead screw for smooth linear positioning along the entire range of travel. The Moving platform is lockable. Various application accessories are also available.

Custom stage with increased sensitivity actuators 7T25-10.08.01. Adjustment can be done using hex screw or, more conveniently and with higher sensitivity by using 6 holes in head of screw

7T25-10 XY
Two Axis Tilt Stage 6TS29-21
Custom Base Plate
7T25-10 XYZ using custom accessories
Base Plate 3BP7T25-10
Angle Bracket 2AB7T25-10
Travel range 10 mm
Fine Screw pitch0,25 mm
Sensitivity1 µm
Drive locationCenter drive
Load capacity1,5 kg
7T25-100,03 kg
7T25-10 XY0,08 kg
Ordering Information
Model Application Note Regular
Price, €
7T25-10 X axis For use as a single-axis stage, X or Z
(Not for assembly of XY confirguration)
7T25-10XY XY system 3BP7T25-10 is included today
7T25-10XYZ XYZ system 3BP7T25-10 and 2AB7T25-10 are included 2-3 days
2AB7T25 -10 angle bracket today
3BP7T25 -10 base plate today

Dovetail Linear Translation Stage