7T175-100, 7T175-150 - Translation Stages

Translation Stages
Translation Stages
100, 150 mm travel range
stackable for X-Y-Z configuration
custom angle bracket we make promptly
convenient patterns of mounting holes
steel precise ball bearings
Material: black anodized aluminium
Vacuum version

Aluminium Translation stages 7T175-100 and 7T175-150 using own integrated driving screws for very precise and long travel translation. The screw has a micrometric scale (on the body and knob). The pitch of the screw is 0.5 mm. Custom pitch and gears are available on request. Translation Stages 7T175-100(-150) are preloaded by a collar of our original design on the screw, rendering an increased load capacity, stability, and reduced backlash. Translation stages have a number of M6 and M4 clearance holes on the platforms, see the whole great amount of holes on the stages surface in drawings. XY configuration assembled directly using M6x10 screws, no additional base plates required. For more convenient mounting to optical table or similar surface we offer Base Plate 3UBP175. For Z-axis assembly we offer Angle Bracket 2AB175. Motorized version of this stage 8MT175 series.

Pictured 3BP175 base plate is replaced by new model 3UBP175

Travel range
7T175-100100 mm
7T175-150150 mm
Sensitivity 1µm
Tracking accuracy 2 µm
Reading accuracy 10 µm
Load capacity:
Horizonatal 40 kg
Vertical20 kg
Ordering Information
Model Weight,
Price Availability
7T175-100 1.24 € 593.00 today
7T175-150 1.15 € 664.00 today

Translation Stages