7T167-25 - Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile

Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile
Precision movement
25 mm travel range
Stackable for multi-axis positioning
Reversible for left or right hand applications
2 Inches (Ø50 mm) clear aperture
Insert platform with M6, M4 and clearance holes
Motorized version of Linear Positioning Stages...
Vacuum version available

Low Profile Aluminium Translation Stages 7T167 provide single axis movement. Items are fixed on a platform by M6 tapped holes. The stages have a central Ø50 mm (2 Inch) clear aperture, which remains unobstructed over some 15 mm of travel. You close the aperture with an insert platform - laid against the resting flange. The insert platform provides additional mounting holes, which you can rotate. It is locked by two fixing screws. Translation stages could be stacked directly in XY configuration. Angle bracket 2AB167-25, gives possibility to stack Z-axis.

Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile 7T167-25 XYZ
7T167-25 XYZ


Travel range1" (25.4 mm)
Sensitivity1 µm
Reading accuracy5 µm (1/2 division)
Angular deviation<200 µrad
TypeHigh performance
Load capacity:
Horizonta16 kg
Vertical7 kg
Zthrough 2AB167-25
Removable insert7T167-25.07-01
Ordering Information
Model Weight,

7T167-25 0.5 € 449.00 request
7T167-25XY 1 € 898.00 request
7T167-25XYZ 1.6 € 1450.00 request
7T167M-25 0.5 € 449.00 2 weeks
7T167M-25XY 1 € 898.00 2 weeks
7T167M-25XYZ 1.6 € 1450.00 2 weeks

The difference between 7T167M-25 and 7T167-25 is that "M" models
like 7T167M-25 are "mirror" ("right-handed") versions of 7T167-25.


Aluminium Translation Stages Low Profile