7T67-6 - Stainless Steel Translation Stages

Stainless Steel Translation Stages
Solid box design
6 mm travel range
Large mounting surface
Easily stacked in X-Y configuration
Made entirely of stainless steel - easily adapted for vacuum applications

Stainless Steel Translation Stages 7T67-6 have low profile and increased stability of precision. Box designed reinforces the stage, reducing flex. Steel, as a material, adds to stability. The platform is preloaded by springs. The stage could be stacked immediately to other units or to their own type (e.g. in X-Y configuration). The stage can be used upside-down. The stages are entirely made of stainless steel.

7T67-6-9S35M-5 7T67-6-9SH137MN 7T67-6-9SH137ML
Stainless Steel Translation Stages 7T67-6 XYZ
2AB67-6 Angle Bracket 7T67-6 XYZ
3 axis translation system
3BP67-6 Base Plate
(or 3UBP series base plate)
is required for fixing 7T67-6
to the optical table
and needs to be ordered separately

NOTE: actuator is not included. It can be ordered separately. Suitable micrometers are: 9S35M-5, 9SH137ML, 9SH137MN.

Travel range6mm
Sensitivity1 µm
Reading accuracy10 µm
Angular diviation<150 µRad
Tracking accuracy2 µm
Load capacity:
Weight0,1 kg
Ordering Information
Model Actuator Price Availability
7T67-6 metric - € 197.00 today
7T67-6-9S35M-5 metric 9S35M-5 € 269.00 2-3 days
7T67-6-9SH137ML metric 9SH137ML € 230.00 today
7T67-6-9SH137MN metric 9SH137MN € 230.00 2-3 days
2AB67-6 metric € 54.00 today
3BP67-6 - € 32.00 today
7T67E-6 imperial - request today
7T67E-6-9S35M-5 imperial 9S35M-5 request 2-3 days
7T67E-6-9SH137ML imperial 9SH137ML request 2-3 days
7T67E-6-9SH137MN imperial 9SH137MN request 2-3 days
2AB67C-6 imperial - request 1 week
7T67V-6 metric - request 1 week
7T67EV-6 imperial - request 1 week

Stainless Steel Translation Stages