7T164SS-10 - Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Translation Stage

Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Translation Stage
Only 20 mm in height two-axis stage
10.5 mm in height 1axis stage
Compact X-Y configuration
Exceptionally precise orientation of axes at 90°
Precision movement
10 travel range
Precision ball bearings
Vacuum version

Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Two Axis 7T264SS-10 and Single Axis 7T164SS-10 Translation Stages. The height of single axis translation stage is 10.5 mm and two axis translation stage - 20 mm. To match the low height of the stage Thin Micrometers 9S55-10 with small knob diameter (13 mm) are used as driving screws. It is possible to easily combine 7T264SS-10, 7T164SS-10 and angle bracket 2AB164V to have 3 axis translation system. Difference between models 7T164SS-10 and 7T164SS-10U is that the 7T164SS-10U has a reversed central hole compared to the 7T164SS-10. Although the system looks very light and thin, it is very reliable and precise. Modifications for vacuum available, see related links bellow.

Base Plates 3UBP-01 and 3UBP-03 fit the stages just as fine as 3UBP-02
7T164SS-10 XYZ 2AB164SS

Universal Base Plate 3UBPV-04
is used to fix stages to flat surface

Example of custom design on request, 7T264-10VD
Travel range10 mm
Tracking accuracy2 µm
Reading accuracy (1/2) division5 µm
Load capacity:
Horizontal6 kg
Vertical3 kg
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7T164SS-10 0.20 € 285.00 today
7T164SS-10U 0.20 € 285.00 today
7T264SS-10 0.35 € 494.00 today

Ultra Low Profile Stainless Steel Translation Stage